Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to put the software on my server?

No - practicechannel is web-based and may be accessed with your phone or desktop with an Internet connection. No installation required.

How does this help with practicewater's "health and profit" strategy?

If you want to add efficiency and automation to the the strategy, this is the tool for you. practicewater's goal is to keep serving you up with resources tools and information to help not only you but also your team. We believe you'll never get all the "answers" at one class, ce, or consultant. What you need is regular opportunities that you can access quickly and easily. practicechannel allows practicewater to channel opportunities right to your team.

Do I need training for my team?

It's up to you. practicechannel is purposely designed like many popular social media and messaging softwares. When groups of people are following along with what's commonly important to them- that is how we pay attention on the go! On the other hand you may want simple step by step training for your team to get the most out of practicechannel. We can save you time by getting your team all set up so you don't have to. We're building a full service headwater for this with "how 2" videos and lessons coming soon.

What if I want to use it just for myself and not add my team?

Go ahead - there's plenty of opportunities to explore on practicechannel and subscribers will continue getting exclusive practicewater offerings. Dentistry is a team sport! You can accomplish so much more together

How safe is the software ?

practicechannel is https secured so that all communication back and forth between the server is safe. This is a software to help run your practice and is not designed to house sensitive client or team member information. Also we don't house your payment method - it is run by stripe, a leader in online payment processing.

Does anyone else see our practice's channel?

No - it is private to your team. Partners can send you a message or post an opportunity for you into your channel.

Who is practicechannel?

I am a dentist with growing dental practices. I have been creating this software to help myself and other service professionals manage their growing practices.

How much does it cost?

You can start a channel for free and make sure it is the right platform to help you grow your practices. Pricing options after the free 90 day trial are as follows. For the typical office, much less than a crown per year (and with zero post op sensitivity).

Does it talk to my charting software?

Charting softwares are great for billing scheduling and charting but are still on site server based. Our goal is to help with the things your charting software doesn't do. As the common charting softwares eventually move fully into the present and become web based, our plan is to make the natural connections to help you grow health and profit in your practice.

What is that "fyv" I see now and then in the software?

It stands for "fulfill your value" and is the name of the software company and the original beta version of the practicechannel software. Fulfilling your value offering as a practice, team member, and dentist is still at the heart of our profession and remains a key module in our software.